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What Would You Want in an AI Bill of Rights?

Happy Friday! As you may have noticed, I took last week off to recover from a recent trip to Washington D.C. - for whatever reason, travelling via plane usually knocks me out for the next several days, even if the trip isn't particularly stressful. 🤷🏽‍♀️ During my week of recuperation,

Laziness and Productivity

Happy Friday! Over the past several months, I've come to dread the weekday hours between 11AM and 2PM. This is the window when a fog descends over my brain, where my ability to work is abruptly halted for no clear reason, and where I haven't figured out how to pull

Laziness and Productivity

Welcome to Morning Notes!

Hi, it's Jordan Harrod! If you're recieving this, it's because you originally signed up for my Substack newsletter, which has been on hiatus for the past few months as I worked through what the future of the newsletter might look like and how to make both a sustainable effort for