Welcome to my website! I am a first-year Ph.D. Student at Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology. My research interests focus on neuroengineering, brain-machine interfaces, and machine learning. Outside of the lab, I am passionate about science education and communication. I am an organizer at the March for Science, a science writer on my blog, and have a YouTube channel focusing on how we interact with AI in our everyday lives.



Currently, I’m a PhD student in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. As a first-year student, I’m interested in working at the intersection of neuroscience, machine learning, and non-invasive health monitoring.


In my spare time, I love to teach! You can primarily find me on my YouTube channel, everydAI, where I talk about how we interact with artificial intelligence in our everyday lives. I also write for The Tech’s Science Department at MIT. Additionally, I teach for Splash at MIT, work with Skype a Scientists and Letters for Pre-Scientists, and much more.




I’m also passionate about science policy advocacy. Right now, I’m the Director of Public Engagement and Graduate Student Advisor for Students for Science and am part of the External Affairs Board of the MIT Graduate Student Council.