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Science Communication + Advocacy

Machine Learning + Emerging Technology Educational Content

Since July 2018, I've created educational content related to machine learning, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies on YouTube, Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram. You can find links to all of my social media accounts here.

Cornell Engineering Alumni Association

As of May 2021, I am a member of the Cornell Engineering Alumni Association.

Past Work

External Affairs Board, MIT Graduate Student Council

Between May 2020-2022, I was  the Chair of the External Affairs Board of the MIT Graduate Student Council. Previously, I was the Vice Chair (2019-2020) and an At-Large member (2018-2019) of the External Affairs Board. In both roles, I worked with the GSC to develop public outreach programming and federal advocacy plans related to graduate student life and research.

MIT Science Policy Review

I am the Co-Founder and was previously the Chief Operations Officers of the MIT Science Policy Review, a peer-reviewed science policy journal based out of MIT and run by graduate students. You can read our first volume here. I currently serve on the advisory board for the MIT Science Policy Reivew.

Students for Science (May 2018 - April 2019)

I was the Director of Public Engagement for Students for Science, a March for Science youth-focused subgroup that aims to catalyze youth science engagement and evidence-based policy advocacy.

March for Science - Youth Advocacy Summit (May 2018 - July 2018)

I am working with the March for Science to plan a Youth Advocacy Summit in Chicago on July 7-8th, 2018! I will be organizing and moderating sessions focused on science communication and science education based on my experiences. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to partner with us to host a session!

Cornell Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Society (January 2017 - May 2018)

During my time at Cornell, I co-founded and was co-President of the Cornell Undergraduate BMES for a year and a half. Because I am a member of the inagural BME undergraduate class at Cornell, we did not have an existing society or community to be a part of, unlike other majors, so I decided to make one with some of my friends! We partnered with the BME Department and other organizations on campus to host professional development sessions, student panels on BME, recuiting efforts for Engineering Admissions, social events for current BMEs, and outreach opportunities in the local community. While I graduated in May 2018 and am no longer directly involved in the leadership, you can stay up to date with that Cornell BMES is doing on our Facebook page.