We have an Op-Ed in the Syracuse Post-Standard!

Last semester, I took a class at Cornell called BME 4440: Science Policy Bootcamp. It was arguably one of the best classes I've taken at Cornell, and is taught by one of my favorite professors, Dr. Chris Schaffer. In the class, we developed policy proposals based around actionable current issues in science policy. My group (Keenan Ashbrook, Andrew Rosenblatt, and Diana Herrera) focused on advocating for Medicaid reimbursements to incentivize the adoption of artificial intelligence in healthcare. One of the hardest exercises for me was writing the op-ed - after all, we don't typically use persuasive writing and rhetorical strategies in academic writing. However, with the help of the rest of my group, we were able to write and submit an op-ed that (in my humble and non-biased opinion) was pretty good!

Check it out here! 

Jordan HarrodComment